How Do You Prevent Winter Water Damage in Sun City Summerlin, NV? Disconnect Outside Hoses & More

When the cold weather sets in there are lots or preparations that homeowners need to take to prepare. One of the areas that are going to need some attention is the water system. If you wait too long to prepare the water system for the winter it can cause some water damage when the pipes start to freeze. Most homes also have some sort of outdoor faucets that need some work as well. The quickest part of the water system to freeze over is the pipes and faucets that are exposed to the air. If you have pipes or faucets burst you are sure to have some water damage in your home. The water can start to leak in the night when you are least likely to notice and when you finally do it could have leaked in the home and caused damage. There are some ways you can prevent your water system from freezing over and causing water damage to your home and property. AMMCO Restoration lists ways you can stop your pipes from bursting.

Should Outside Hoses be Disconnected in Winter?

When residual water in your garden hose freezes, it can cause the water in your pipes to do the same. This can result in blockages, leaks, or even a burst pipe. Disconnecting and putting away your exterior hose is a small step that can have big results for your home during the winter.

Use Heat Tape on Outdoor Pipes

For outdoor pipes, you need heat tape, which will not only insulate but slow the freezing process once it begins. We recommend you avoid skimping when it comes to heat tape.

Should I Drain Outdoor Water Pipes for Winter?

The pipes that are deep underground are fairly safe from freezing and even the pipes in the home can be safe as well. The pipes that are exposed on the other hand will need some help from the homeowner. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the water shut off valves that will stop the flow to the outside pipes. You are going to need to find the drain that is available to empty the pipes. This is usually a cap that is somewhere outside. The next step is to stop the water to the outside. This is done by turning the lever clockwise. Get ready to open all the outdoor pipes to drain any and all water that is left in them out. You can open the cap after you have turned off the water and let it drain out. You may need a pair of pliers to help open it. You can take a bucket with you to catch all the water from the pipe. If there are more than one outdoor pipe you will need to do the same process again to each one. This is a great way to be sure that you will not have the pipes freeze and burst. You also can follow up with an insulating foam that can help with freezing.

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If you find yourself with a burst pipe and some water damage you can call AMMCO Restoration for help removing and restoring your home back to the way it was before.

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