How Long Should You Run Fans & Dehumidifiers After a Water Leak or Damage in Summerlin, NV & More

Today, we at AMMCO Restoration would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions concerning the water extraction, drying and clean up and rebuilding process after water damage inflicts a home or business.

Why Does the Air in My House Feel Dry?

To efficiently dry out the structure, all the moisture is neutralized, including the humidity levels in the air. The equipment used in the process is devised to remove all moisture from the area. The humidity levels will balance back out after the temporary effects of the restoration process is completed.

How Long Should You Run Fans & Dehumidifiers After a Water Leak or Damage?

The specialized equipment is specifically designed to function continuously that ultimately contributes to the total drying process in the most time efficient manner. It is essential the equipment is never turned off except from a technician. Some are concerned that it will overheat with continuous operation; there is no need, it is designed to operate months if need be without any risks.

To Stop the Noise, Can Water Remediation Fans Be Turned Off at Night?

We understand the noise can be obnoxious with the unfamiliarity, but it is important to not turn off the equipment. For fast and efficient drying to avoid damage and mold, the equipment needs to run continuously.

Is There a Way to Speed Up the Drying Process?

Some people wonder if they should open the doors and windows during the drying process? Typically, the windows and doors should remain closed. The drying process can be impacted by the outdoor climate conditions. Do not use the HVAC system, ceiling or floor fans, or open any windows or doors unless instructed by the professional.

How Do Restoration Companies Work with Insurance?

Insurance companies have specific methods on how things are handled. Generally, you are permitted to mitigate the problem in an effort to prevent further damage and health concerns. Moving possessions and furniture is also encouraged, but do not throw anything away and make sure to take plenty of pictures. If you know you are covered, get a restoration company out as soon as possible; otherwise call the insurance company first.

Can an Insurance Company Force You to Use Their Contractor?

The insurance company will usually recommend reconstruction companies, but you do not have to use who they recommend, much like the insurance for vehicle. Most reputable water damage restoration companies know the how the major insurance companies operate and can offer assistance along the way to help ease the burden from your shoulders. Restoration specialists will work directly with your adjuster to help the process be as easy and smooth for you in most cases.

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