How to Prevent Home Fires in Desert Shores, NV; Do Not Smoke Indoors, Watch Space Heaters & More

Home fires are nothing short of a living nightmare. The consequences are all too often catastrophic. The property damage, mild to severe injuries, even fatalities to beloved pets and family members can be the end result. House fires can spread very quickly before anyone even realizes there is a fire in the home, sending the structure to ash in no time at all. In an effort to spare people the grief of such a tragedy, we at AMMCO Restoration would like to offer some suggestions to help keep your home safe from a fire.

Key Tips to Preventing Home Fires

1) Do Not Smoke Indoors. There are quite a number of fires that was sparked from smoking paraphernalia. Whether the individual fell asleep smoking or butt wasn’t fully put out and it made contact with flammable materials. To avoid problems, keep the smoking outdoors and ensure the cigarette or cigar is distinguished, use a can of sand or ensure it is complete distinguished before tossing it in the trash. Do not attempt to smoke when you are fatigued.
2) Maintain Safe Cooking Area. Cooking, frying, grilling, barbequing, or broiling food needs to be kept in the kitchen or outside in a designated barbequing area. Keep sleeves rolled up, wear short sleeves, or tight fitting sleeves while cooking. Avoid cooking when you are fatigued or under the influence of medications that make you drowsy. Try to keep the children at least 3 feet away from the cooking area. When using your BBQ grill, ensure it doesn’t make contact with the deck’s rails or siding and do not let branches hang directly over the grill.
3) Inspect Electrical. Appliances and other electrical devices are responsible for fires as well. Inspect the cords and do not plug any in that look too worn or are frayed. Any exposed wiring to fabrics or other flammable materials can easily ignite a fire. Cords that have a 3-prong plug should never be forced into a 2-pring slot. If you should notice a light switch is hot to the touch, immediately turn it off and get them replaced before using them again. Keep the dryer free from lint, including the lint trap and the lint vent and piping.
4) Do Not Leave Space Heaters Unattended. If you opt to use a space heater, never leave them unsupervised and ensure they are setup in a clear space; a radius of 3 feet at minimum. Invest in space heaters that are equipped with an emergency shutoff system in case they fall over.
5) Clean Fireplace. Before using your fireplace make certain the dampers are open and the chimney is free from any debris and obstructions. Wood-burning fireplaces should have the ash and charred wood removed before creating a new fire. Always keep the screen in place to keep the embers from flying out and never leave a fire burning unattended. If you leave the home or set off to bed, ensure the fire is out.
6) Educate Kids on Fire /Safety. Children have a natural curiosity to fire. It is important that you teach them that fires can be extra dangerous. Avoid leaving matches and lighters in their reach and if they should find them, have them trained to have an adult come and get it. Never leave any burning stoves or stoves, lit candles or fireplaces, or any online space heaters around kids unsupervised. Practice fire safety with them and what to do if they house is on fire.

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If you suffer the devastating effects of a fire or water damage in your home or business, know that time is of the essence. The sooner you call a professional like AMMCO Restoration, the less damage will result. Call us for all your damage restoration needs!

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