AMMCO Restoration has spent decades helping homeowners and commercial property owners recover from water and fire damage. Our highly trained recovery team is skilled at everything from extracting water and drying out your property to demolishing and reconstructing damaged sections of your home or commercial building. Founded in 1968, we have been on the scene to restore damage of all sizes, from stovetop fires and burst water heaters to community wide flooding. We partner with you to address the unique aspects of the damage inflicted on your property, prioritize a custom plan of action, and begin the fire and water damage restoration process as soon as possible. Call AMMCO Restoration to help turn your house back into a home or get your business up and running again!

Flood Damage Restoration

Water damage from excessive rain or a flood is something that should never be treated lightly. As soon as you realize your property has been negatively affected by storm water, contact AMMCO Restoration for emergency response.

Water Damage Restoration

When you call AMMCO Restoration for a burst pipe, leak, or other water damage emergency, our team will mobilize quickly in order to get the mitigation process underway to best salvage and restore your property and contents.

Fire Damage Restoration

Not only does AMMCO Restoration provide smoke, soot and fire damage restoration services but we can also help you recover from water damage as a result of firefighting efforts used to save your property.

Mold Remediation

AMMCO Restoration offers mold remediation to stem the tide of mold, as well as cleaning and sanitizing, inc. mold odor removal to restore your property to its original condition. We have the expertise and equipment for the job!

Damage Assessment & Emergency Repairs

Addressing the fire and water damage within the first few hours can dramatically reduce the degree of damage and ultimate restoration costs. When AMMCO Restoration arrives on-site, we conduct a thorough assessment and perform any emergency repairs to ensure safety while we restore and rebuild, as well as to prevent further property damage.

Water Extraction, Drying & Dehumidification

The longer water lingers, the more damage it does to your building structure and increases the risk of mold growth. As soon as it is safe to work inside the building, our crew will begin the water extraction process followed by structural drying and dehumidification using desiccants, industrial fans and dehumidifiers.

Cleaning & Decontamination

Floodwaters or a burst sewage pipe can bring in several unknown bacteria and greywater while soot is acidic to building materials and the contents inside your home or business. Our trained experts will thoroughly clean and decontaminate all affected areas.

Controlled Demolition

For sections of the property that cannot be repaired, AMMCO Restoration can perform a controlled demolition. Once this has been completed, the restoration crew can begin to rebuild these sections.

Reconstruction & Repairs

AMMCO Restoration can provide turn-key reconstruction services. We can handle all the necessary repairs and reconstruction and be your one point of contact from beginning to end.

Mold Remediation

Mold is a common problem in residential properties, especially older homes with poor ventilation. AMMCO Restoration can not only remove the harmful mold but identify and address the source of the mold to prevent it from coming back. No matter whether the mold in your home or business is due to a failing HVAC system, leaking pipe, leaky roof or other cause; our goal is to restore your property to a healthy and safe place.

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