What is Considered Wet, Dry & Fuel Smoke Damage in Rhodes Ranch, NV? Restoration of Painted Walls & More

Seeing your home engulfed in flames is a devastating experience. Even a small fire can cause substantial damage to the structure of your property. Surface damage from fire and soot is immediately obvious but what about the underlying damage that you can’t see? Smoke damage can be just as devastating as fire and is caused by either the smoke gases or soot that travels with the smoke. Each will require a very different approach to ensure successful cleaning and restoration techniques. Smoke is especially difficult to treat when it has damaged important documents, books, photos and other sentimental papers. Once the type and extent of damage has been determined, the next step is to decide on a successful restoration technique. The knowledgeable fire restoration specialists at AMMCO Restoration are the experts when it comes to fire and smoke damage.

Types of Smoke Damage; Wet, Dry & Fuel Oil Soot

There are three primary types of smoke that cause damage to documents and books including:
• Wet smoke – wet smoke is associated with a low-heat, smoldering fire that will lead to a sticky residue and heavy smoke odor that is hard to clean as it turns into a tough coating that that can warp books and documents.
• Dry smoke – dry smoke is associated with a high temperature, fast burning fire that leaves behind ash that will turn into a hard coating when wet. This type of smoke is especially damaging to antique documents and more fragile books.
• Fuel oil soot – occurs when furnaces and other heat sources give off gritty puffs of soot that causes an abrasive residue on books and documents.

Can Smoke Damage Books?

Smoke causes damage to books and documents by staining any exposed surfaces including covers and paper edges. The extent of the damage depends on several variables such as quality, age and the condition of the book or documents that have been affected. The expert technicians at AMMCO Restoration recommend contacting them professional fire and smoke damage restoration specialists immediately who use high-tech cleaning and restoration equipment to restore damaged books, documents and other precious papers. Various restoration techniques include sanding to remove stubborn soot stains on page edges and advanced deodorizing techniques to safely deodorize documents. Fire and the resulting smoke damage can be devastating to both home and business owners, and book collectors. With proper handling techniques, storage and the most advanced restoration methods your smoke damaged books and documents can be returned to very near their original condition.

How to Clean Smoke Damaged Ceilings, Walls & Floors

After a thorough inspection, AMMCO Restoration will determine exactly where the smoke damage is (it can travel well beyond the room(s) the fires were in) and are ready to get started cleaning it! It’s likely we are already focused on ventilation by opening windows and running industrial fans as part of our water damage restoration efforts to dry the home of the water used to extinguish the fire. To clean smoke damage we utilize commercial grade soot removers and smoke vacuums. After this, it is likely we will proceed with removing the remaining smoke odors lingering in the home.

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